Our breath and energy are the most powerful tools for transformation and inner growth. In our sessions and ceremonies we use breathwork, energywork, ​music, scents instruments and our love and dedication to guide you on an inner journey through all layers of your consciousness: ​in your body, your mind and your spirit. The breath and energy are intelligent and both are able to transcend you into a higher consciousness. You can experience your true nature, the true essence of yourself. The deepest purpose of us as humans is to explore this consciousness and find your beautiful inner path which is love, spaciousness and clarity. If you feel called, you are invited to join our ceremonies and sessions.

Our breathwork group sessions evolved into a ceremony that combines deep connected breathing with energywork, music, scents, shamanic drums, bells and sound bowls. Our sessions can be profoundly liberating on all levels of your being. Sessions are at beautiful locations or online and range from 60 minutes to 3 hours. Using the power of your breath and energy is a forgotten art we can all learn to feel and come back to. You will learn to use the breath as a vehicle to travel through your body, mind and spirit, directed by your energy. Resulting in deep relaxation, loving compassion for yourself and others while embracing and releasing old patterns of tension. The breathing exercises can help you sleep better, boost your immune system and regulate your energy better. Our guidance is based on love and purity, with the intention in your own heart as your guiding light.

Mission | Values | Vision

'”Breath and energy clears the inner path so your path becomes crystal clear.”

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