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The Oya Energy. Transformational Breath ® Is a self-healing tool that uses the power of your own breath and has the potential to help you heal on all levels of your being, from relieving stress, increasing energy, and boosting your immune system to releasing trauma and stored emotions and deepening your intuition.

Breathing is the number one function that we need to stay alive. And yet, we are not taught how to breathe properly.
On average, we only use a very small percentage of our full breathing capacity! Most of us only become aware of our breath when things are bad: shallow breathing when in fear, fast uncontrollable breathing when experiencing panic attacks or holding the breath like in email apnoea. This in turn affects us on a physical level and contributes to dis-ease. It also has an effect on our emotional and mental wellbeing.

What if we could break free? Have better access to our breath and ultimately live a better life?

As a Transformational Breath® Facilitator, I will guide you in your session to use your breath to access and shift your blockages. I will help you cultivate a deep relationship with yourself and free yourself from any restrictions, to living life to its full potential.

Changing the future one child at a time!
There is nothing more important to me than to arm a child with the power to deal with life as early as possible. Giving them the ability to deal with their emotions so they can face whatever life throws at them, as well as the tool to be free to be who they truly are is, in my eyes, invaluable.

It is said that, up till the age of 12, children can carry their parents issues. It is therefore important for at least one of the parents- if not both - to have their own breathing session before their child. This will not only allow them to understand the process but to better support their child journey.

Mission | Values | Vision

My intention is to provide you with the tool you need to become the best version of yourself you can be and live your best life!

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