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Liv is a full time Yoga Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator and an Oxygen Advantage® trained Functional Breathing Instructor.

She is motivated by mindful living, self care and embracing the positives whilst navigating through life with Crohn’s Disease.

Knowing all of the benefits movement, breathwork and meditation can bring towards physical and mental health, Liv loves to weave together her knowledge of the science behind the breath along with her experience of emotional and spiritual healing.

She is passionate about helping others understand and overcome their own struggles through mindfulness, movement and the breath. Creating feelings of safety and support within her sessions are a main priority for Liv, she loves encouraging others to embrace and accept themselves exactly as they are.

Breathwork is practicing and exploring your own breath, being conscious of and tuning into your breathing patterns and also delving deeper into the body and mind using the breath as a tool. It can be as simple as working with your breath to calm or focus the mind. Breathwork can also help to create or move energy to relieve sluggishness and tiredness, the breath can also allow us to strip back the subconscious layers within us to see what's beneath.

Through self enquiry, it's a type of healing and transformational therapy, its a type of meditation, it's whatever you need it to be!

Our breath can control our heart rate, our nervous system, controls how much oxygen is carried into our cells, can regulate anxiety and stress. It can be an amazingly powerful tool to give us the power to access and release emotions, pain and even trauma trapped within us and the beauty of it all is that we can control our breath.

We can use our breath as a tool to navigate and also influence our life. We can breathe to support our physical and mental health. There is so much which starts and ends with the breath!

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Motivated by mindful living, self care and embracing the positives

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