What does it mean to regulate your state?
Taking a breath in the moment is a temporary solution.

What we’re interested in, is nervous system regulation.

That is, being able to get back to a resting state after a stress response.

It also means releasing accumulated stress and tension from your body,


The Power of Breathwork
Stress is well-known to be the biggest contributing factor to inflammation - the precursor to all dis-ease in the body.

When we understand that the breath alters our whole physiology and biology and offers a doorway into regulating our nervous system, things get exciting.

If you’re ready to start living optimally, Breathwork will help you let go of accumulated stress and tension from the body, and access the authentic, present and regulated person you want to be.

Mission | Values | Vision

I truly believe these teachings are universal to us as humans, helping us peel back the layers and embrace all that remains.

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